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Re: Bug#186029: Grouping questions in netcfg -- but which ones?

Christian PERRIER, le Fri 21 Jan 2011 06:46:44 +0100, a écrit :
> Quoting Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org):
> > I'm triaging netcfg bugs.  Bear with me on this archaeological endeavour.
> > 
> > Like Joey Hess, I'm having trouble identifying questions that can be grouped
> > together.  Even the IP address/netmask questions aren't groupable any more,
> > as there's changes in the works to make the netmask question optional if you
> > provide a CIDR netmask in the IP address.
> > 
> > If you have any ideas on questions in netcfg that can be grouped, please let
> > me know.  Otherwise, I'll close off this bug report.
> Several bug submitters often don't see that questions that seem
> "obvious" for them to be grouped are (sometimes onlyin some cases)
> interdependent. We have the same situation in user-setup (some LWN
> articles have featured remarks like "Debian developers should group
> together questions about root password and user password"....ignoring
> that, in some situations, one depends on another.
> So, I'd say that, if you don't really see what questions can be
> grouped, then it's likely that they really can't.

Actually, I don't even understand why people prefer to see questions
grouped. I personally prefer to type foo[ENTER]bar[ENTER], rather than
having to tab between elements, or find out how things are supposed to
be separated (by commas, whatever).

For instance, I don't even like (but I can live with) the graphical
installer asking the dupped password on the same screen, it makes d-i
testing a little bit more tedious :)


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