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Re: Bug#186029: Grouping questions in netcfg -- but which ones?

Sex, 2011-01-21 às 11:28 +0100, Samuel Thibault escreveu:


This is clearly an design/usability issue and it's great that is being
discussed in the beginning of the next release and not when people want
to focus on (technical) development.
There are several wishlists on this and even the d-i review on a
magazine that comments on how many screens are needed to setup a system.

> Actually, I don't even understand why people prefer to see questions
> grouped. I personally prefer to type foo[ENTER]bar[ENTER], rather than
> having to tab between elements, or find out how things are supposed to
> be separated (by commas, whatever).

If the default value doesn't need to changed it's "two (or more) birds
with one stone".

I guess it also makes sense (i don't argue to everybody) that related
questions be together around one subject so they don't seem 'random' but
logically partitioned. 

And also could lead to fewer steps, even with the same amount to data to
feed to the system. 

> For instance, I don't even like (but I can live with) the graphical
> installer asking the dupped password on the same screen, it makes d-i
> testing a little bit more tedious :)

I believe we also have a wishlist BR asking to when press enter to move
to the next box :)

> Samuel

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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