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Bug#186029: Grouping questions in netcfg -- but which ones?

Quoting Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org):
> tag 186029 +moreinfo
> thanks
> Hi,
> I'm triaging netcfg bugs.  Bear with me on this archaeological endeavour.
> Like Joey Hess, I'm having trouble identifying questions that can be grouped
> together.  Even the IP address/netmask questions aren't groupable any more,
> as there's changes in the works to make the netmask question optional if you
> provide a CIDR netmask in the IP address.
> If you have any ideas on questions in netcfg that can be grouped, please let
> me know.  Otherwise, I'll close off this bug report.

Several bug submitters often don't see that questions that seem
"obvious" for them to be grouped are (sometimes onlyin some cases)
interdependent. We have the same situation in user-setup (some LWN
articles have featured remarks like "Debian developers should group
together questions about root password and user password"....ignoring
that, in some situations, one depends on another.

So, I'd say that, if you don't really see what questions can be
grouped, then it's likely that they really can't.

One should also consider that grouping questions in a single debconf
screen often leaves less room for explanations...

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