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Re: Mirroring win32-loader.exe in debian/tools/

> So please take a look below for the background, but in short form this would be: 
> what about mirroring the win32-loader.exe Windows™ executable (from the win32-
> loader package) in our mirrors pool for the all the poor remaining Windows users 
> out there to have a clearly defined place to download win32-loader.exe?
>> >> Personally I think that it ought to be in the mirrors. Maybe it could
>> >> use same way we do for loadlin and other stuff.

Well, we do want to get less, not more of those. :)

>> > from debian/rules.  Note however that "byhand" indeed means that you
>> > need to give cookies to Ganeff to get him install the file by hand, so
>> > avoid doing it too often.

I like cookies.
Now, how often ARE you going to update this? Does this need a new
version with every d-i release? That would be bad.
Or just every other century?

If its more than *few* times a year we can think of an autobyhand way
for it, but if its seldomly...
Keep in mind, it will be attached to the win32-loader package, so with
each upload the byhand will be there.

Also, please not only provide a .exe, but also a .txt with the same
basename, explaining what it is.

bye, Joerg
My first contact with Linux was with SuSE 6.3. A friend of mine
installed it on my pc, and just take me a couple of hours to reinstall
Windows on it.

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