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Re: Squeeze can't fit on 512MiB

Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> Is netatalk STILL included in the file server task?  Who uses that
> anymore?  The thing takes almost 2 minutes to start at boot (or at
> least if feels like it) and probably no Mac made in a decade has any
> need for it.

Yeah, I have to assume that the huge popcon numbers (1/4th of all
submitters!) is due to it starting at boot, not being used.

Removed, although since perl is standard anyway, having file-server pull
it in was unlikely to really bloat many systems.

> Did Lenny install recommends by default?  I believe Squeeze does for sure.

No && yes. More review and squashing of unnecessary recommends to get
the tasks' size down would be helpful.

see shy jo

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