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Re: Squeeze can't fit on 512MiB

Joey Hess, le Wed 27 Oct 2010 12:27:56 -0400, a écrit :
> Yeah, I have to assume that the huge popcon numbers (1/4th of all
> submitters!) is due to it starting at boot, not being used.
> Removed, although since perl is standard anyway,

Note the difference between perl and perl-base.
netatalk is however not the only package pulling perl indeed, it's also
pulled by samba->update-inetd->libfile-copy-recursive-perl->perl

> > Did Lenny install recommends by default?  I believe Squeeze does for sure.
> No && yes. More review and squashing of unnecessary recommends to get
> the tasks' size down would be helpful.

Note: to do so, simply install Squeeze with no task at all, then at
reboot run

tasksel --new-install

and in addition to selecting one task, select "manual package
selection", you'll get an aptitude instance where you can check the
pulling deps. Use Ctrl-T, "Cancel pending action", Q, Yes, to abort and
try something else.


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