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Re: Squeeze can't fit on 512MiB

I forgot to mention other tasks as well:

- Base+Standard grew from 397MiB to 491MiB
  (we install libdb4.{5,6,7,8} !?, and since openssh-client recommends
  xauth, x11 stuff gets installed)

- Gnome         grew from 1830MiB to 2689MiB
- KDE           grew from 1592MiB to 2119MiB
- Xfce          grew from 1056MiB to 1771MiB
- LXDE          grew from  963MiB to 1546MiB
- Web           grew from   42MiB to  121MiB
- Print         grew from  215MiB to  427MiB
  (gutenprint and such grew quite a bit, but all kinds of X11 stuff also
  gets dragged because pnm2ppa depends on gs provided by ghostscript-x,
  shouldn't perhaps pnm2ppa depend on ghostscript only?)
- DNS           grew from    3MiB to   51MiB
  (perl needed for dlint)
- File          grew from   74MiB to  165MiB
  (Samba grew quite a bit, perl needed for netatalk)
- Mail          grew from   14MiB to  125MiB
  (spamassasin recommends libc6-dev/gcc/make, and thus all their
  recommends & such for sa-compile)
- SQL           grew from   50MiB to  103MiB
  (perl needed for sgml-base, recommended by libxml2)
- Laptop        grew from   26MiB to  237MiB
  (bluez-cups (and thus cups) recommended by bluetooth)


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