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Re: Squeeze can't fit on 512MiB

Lennart Sorensen, le Wed 27 Oct 2010 12:11:32 -0400, a écrit :
> > - File          grew from   74MiB to  165MiB
> >   (Samba grew quite a bit, perl needed for netatalk)
> Is netatalk STILL included in the file server task?

It's still there since 2001, yes.

> Who uses that anymore?  The thing takes almost 2 minutes to start at
> boot (or at least if feels like it) and probably no Mac made in a
> decade has any need for it.

That can probably be turned into a bug against tasksel :)

> > - Mail          grew from   14MiB to  125MiB
> >   (spamassasin recommends libc6-dev/gcc/make, and thus all their
> >   recommends & such for sa-compile)
> > - SQL           grew from   50MiB to  103MiB
> >   (perl needed for sgml-base, recommended by libxml2)
> > - Laptop        grew from   26MiB to  237MiB
> >   (bluez-cups (and thus cups) recommended by bluetooth)
> Did Lenny install recommends by default?  I believe Squeeze does for sure.

Lenny didn't, that's the biggest difference indeed.


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