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Re: floppy install - unable to find root filesystem, ide_generic not loaded

On Thu, 22 Jul 2010 20:17:56 +0200, Holger Wansing <linux@wansing-online.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> > It seems like the initramfs hasn't picked up on the fact that that
> > module is needed.  This should be fixable by doing:
> > 
> >   echo ide_generic >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
> >   update-initramfs
> > 
> > You may find that once booted with the module loaded, update-initramfs
> > can work out that that module is needed, and that it doesn't need to be
> > explicitly listed in the /etc/initramfs-tools/modules file, but the
> > problem presumably comes from the fact that ide_generic was not needed
> > in the earlier kernel, or that it was loading a specific chipset's
> > module in the etch kernel, and that module's name has changed rendering
> > it unavailable for the new kernel.
> Yes, I have fixed the system that way, but my real intention was,
> to avoid that this problem occures again in the future.
> Thus asking what package is responsible for this.

Since that fix works, it seems to me that the fault lies somewhere in
the linux-image or initramfs-tools packages -- one or other of them
should realise that if we're currently relying on ide_oldname, that
means that we need to ensure that either ide_generic or ide_newname get
added to the list of modules that get built into the new kernel's

Do you happen to know the name of the module that was providing ide
support before the kernel upgrade was?

> But maybe this is not really important for the docu I want to write for
> that floppy installation process.

It really ought to be covered here:


but I get the impression that your problem is not helped by these
suggestions, so perhaps you should write a subsection that would have
helped, and submit it as a bug report against the manual -- see:


Once that's fixed, you'd be able to refer to that manual in your floppy
install notes.

Actually, if you're writing a floppy install section, it's probably best
to submit it as a bug against the install guide, so that it gets
incorporated permanently.  There should at least be a reference to it
in this bit:


and perhaps here:


saying that it's no longer directly supported, but you can do it by
following the instructions in e.g. Appendix X: Floppy Installs
if you think that's an appropriate place.

You can submit what you write as a bug/patch against the package

Cheers, Phil.
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