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Bug#589213: Do not install Exim in minimal system

On Sun, 2010 Jul 18 06:09+0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> No. Those are *not* daily built images. Follow the relevant links from
> the page I referred to! For netboot you need "other images".

Oh, right---I see the different set of links, that go to various places
(e.g. people.debian.org) not in the repositories. Missed those, sorry!

> > But it's identical to the one for squeeze...
> Correct. Both are the last D-I release, not daily builds.

Ah, so when you say "images based on D-I from sid," you mean a daily
build of the installer image (which uses d-i and other components from
sid), not the image that is itself in sid/squeeze (which would be the
last release).

I think I have it straight now :) So I need to wait for the next release
of d-i images, and then for those to make their way into testing.

Thanks for your patience, and all the work you've done.

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