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Bug#589213: Do not install Exim in minimal system

Package: debian-installer
Version: 20100211+b1

(Note: I'm not sure that d-i is the correct package for this bug; please
reassign if needed.)

I want to install a minimal Debian/squeeze system. When the installer
presents the tasksel screen, I unselect everything, even "Standard
system utilities". Yet when the install is finished, I see that a
complete exim4 installation is present, and running. This is, to say the
least, inappropriate for a minimal install.

I found a couple of discussion threads referencing this issue:



>From the looks of it, exim4 is installed because of a Recommends: by the
cron package:

    Recommends: exim4 | postfix | mail-transport-agent, lockfile-progs

I believe the right thing to do would be to include in the base install
a minimal, non-daemon-ized, "dumb" MTA capable only of forwarding and
local delivery, to satisfy the mail-transport-agent dependency.
(Forwarding won't work out of the box, obviously, but for cron and other
system facilities, local delivery is all that matters anyway.)

It would make sense to install Exim if the user selects the "Mail
server" task, or perhaps even "Standard system utilities".

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