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Bug#589213: Do not install Exim in minimal system

On Sun, 2010 Jul 18 04:46+0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> No, that's no update. Only a date change for some reason. The images
> are still identical to the alpha1 release from February. One way to
> see that is to check the kernel version: it uses 2.6.30 instead of
> 2.6.32. Another is to check the /etc/lsb-release file or the versions
> of udebs listed in /var/lib/dpkg/status.

My understanding is that these were recently updated to fix the libblkid
issue (see bug #587570), which had previously made the installer
unusable. I guess they just re-built it from the same source as alpha1,
modulo that one bit.

> The error would *not* have occurred if you had used images based on
> D-I from sid.

So if I had used the one from


it would have worked? But it's identical to the one for squeeze...

> If you look at http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/, you will
> see three sets of links:
> - squeeze Alpha1 release (these are the ones you used)
> - current weekly snapshot
> - daily built images

Okay, so the weeklies come from testing, and the dailies from unstable.
But the d-i images that are themselves in unstable and testing, those
are formal, infrequently-updated "releases?"

> The page linked above is the only authoritative source for the various
> images available to install testing.

Okay, though the netboot/USB/etc. downloads just go to the same place in
the repositories where I was looking.

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