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Bug#589213: Do not install Exim in minimal system

On Sat, 2010 Jul 17 21:40+0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'm not sure what image was used by the bug reporter, but I assume a
> current "D-I alpha 1" image. The alpha1 images date from mid Februari.

These received a refresh a few days ago:


I used the netboot tarball, from July 10. It's identical to the one for
sid, so I had thought there were no pending updates to d-i or its

> Until today, the version of pkgsel in testing was 0.26, which does not
> have my latest changes. As you can see from [1] my final work on
> Recommends handling in D-I was done after the alpha1 release.

But this same error would have occurred if I had used d-i from sid. When
you say "release," do you mean, from daily builds to unstable, rather
than unstable to testing?

> I verified earlier today that with a daily built D-I image exim4 does
> not get pulled in when popcon is installed during pkgsel.

This is good to hear (as well as the fact that everyone wants to keep an
MTA out of a minimal install). But how soon should a sid or squeeze d-i
image with the correct behavior become available?

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