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Re: A notice to the Debian Installer team...

[Nima Azarbayjany]
> Hi Petter,


> I have actually used the multi partman recipe.  My hard drive is 160G in
> size.  The space allocated to /usr was more than enough under Lenny.  I used
> to install both Gnome and KDE and lot more additional packages.  But now I
> have only Gnome with a very small number of additional packages and the
> partition is running low on disk space.  I think at least 6G should have been
> allocated to /usr.
> Installing Lenny with the laptop task selected consisted only of 815 or so
> packages whereas now more 1100 packages were installed for a Squeeze laptop
> install with more new packages installed on system upgrades.
> By the way, this was fortunately my first time to use LVM when
> partitioning.  ;)

I am not really involved in the partitioning code, but will check in a
change increasing the max size from 5 to 6 GB, and hope those knowing
the partition code better will check it and accept the change.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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