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A notice to the Debian Installer team...

Hi all,

Let me first thank you for your work which has made using the great Debian operating system possible! :-)

I faced a problem in using Debian Squeeze recently which you should be aware of it by now but I'm writing you anyway to make sure it gets resolved sooner (if it is not yet).

The problem is that using the installer's default partitioning scheme nearly 5Gb is allocated to the /usr partition which now seems to be too small for a normal Debian system. I have a fresh install of Squeeze on my laptop with only a small number of additional packages installed. The version of the installer I have used is I think not the newest one which also installs recommended packages. Nevertheless, I have installed all updates and there is currently around 800Mb free space left on the partition. Few days ago I tried installing KDevelop (the first KDE software to get installed) and its installation went smoothly except that I was prompted with a message that there is too low disk space left on /usr although there was still 200Mb or so free space on it. The message kept popping up regularly. I have now removed KDevelop and all KDE packages upon which it depends but this sure is problem which has to be taken care of given the larger number of packages installed by default and the natural growth of package and distribution sizes.

If someone lets me know whether this issue has been resolved and what is the default partitioning scheme of the Debian Installer or where to fetch this information it can be of great help. Thanks for your attention.

All the best,

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