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Notes on current squeeze installation


After some abstinence, I tried the last daily squeeze installer today
with a priority low and GUI installation. This are my notes on the

- Wasn't there some question on recommends installation?
- 1GiB is not longer sufficient as /var as the to be installed packages
  are already larger. However there is no clear error shown after
  aptitude via tasksel (why does it need aptitude anyway?) hits ENOSPC.
- Root login disable question is priority low and default to no.
- The kernel selection should always use the images without the -2.6-
  part. Also it should install the PAE version more aggresively if
  supported (NX as security feature needs it).
- The bootstrap and tasksel step uses different outputs during the
  package installation.

- Does not detect errors during the download. I had several hundred
  packages failing to install during the initial installation because of
  errors from my proxy.
- Task reinstallation removed packages first.

Packages or package groups installed by the standard system or GUI task
that looks weird to me. I haven't checked why they are installed in any
- rpm
- twisted, python-twisted-web
- xserver-xorg-xephyr. for login in new window feature of gdm?
- festival
- foomatic-filter-ppds, openprinting-ppds. Somehow I doubt that this
  sets are distinct.
- cups-bsd
- xorg-docs-core
- oss-compat. This can only use the kernel OSS emulation right know,
  that I want to deprecate rather fast because of the drawbacks.
- esound-common
- hplip?
- tsconf
- tcpd
- apache-2.2-bin
- bogofilter
- libpam-*
- mtools. Is this still used instead of the gui tools to mount fat
  devices? It needs special config anyway.
- radeontool. The description looks like: don't use. Also the radeon
  cards now belong completely to the kernel.
- xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd. Incompatible with KMS.
- usb-modeswitch. The kernel seems to handle this in the meantime.
- mutt
- w3m
- aspell vs. wngerman vs. myspell. Do we really need three different
  spell checkers?
- deborphan
- geoclue. The description is unclear.
- espeak. Didn't I list festival already?
- make
- vbetool. Can be considered disallowed by modern kernels.
- twm
- gutenprint
- atd
- epiphany vs. iceweasel
- Software Center (missing translation, using aptdaemon) vs. synaptic
  vs. update manager (using gksu)

- The os-prober entries are missing after the installtion. Need to run
  update-grub once in the installed system.
- How can I make grub always default to an existing system (the already
  installed windows)? Should also be on top of the list as it can grow
- Uses quiet even after priority low installation

initial fstab:
- Lists /proc
- Lists cdrom and usb sticks (with unstable device name)

- GUI task installs network-manager but network device used in the
  installer is already added to interfaces and therfor not controllable
  by n-m.

- Wants root-password even if none is configured and sudo is used for
  anything else.

- Does not cleanup /var/lib/os-prober during removal.

German translations are bad, bad and bad:
dpkg: "Nach-Installations-Trigger"
update-alternatives: "in Auto-Modus"


Without facts, the decision cannot be made logically.  You must rely on
your human intuition.
		-- Spock, "Assignment: Earth", stardate unknown

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