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Re: howto reduce size of a debian base system?


> And you are really able to get memory sticks smaller then 2GB?

:) - I found SD-card adapters for IDE-/SATA-connectors and found it quite 

> > For me, there's no reason to need or want a compiler or any other
> > development tool on such a system.
> The minimal Debian system have neither installed. Also no compiler is
> part of the standard system (defined by the standard priority).

OK, may be, I was confused by the gcc-prefix.

> > I know, memory is becoming cheaper and cheaper, but I don't like to waste
> > space and money without need. So I would like to work on crush for
> > commonly used PC-cpus.
> Please be realistic. A GNOME desktop system needs about 2GB of disk
> space. Squeezing the base size vom 200MB to 100MB does not get you much.

I have two types of PC-systems. One is my desktop with kde and that 
installation wastes more than 150 Gb and I won't even think about how to 
reduce size.
On another machines I don't have any desktop. That machine only carries 
certain tasks out. That's the system, I'd like to reduce image size.
From my point of view, the system for that machine could easily be considered  
firmware, but I would like it be standard debian :)
All manpages and infostuff could be stripped off without any harm and several 
binaries could be replaced by busybox. I just need to find a way to keep the 
stripped system from reinstalling the stripped parts at dist-upgrade or the 

> There is another project that may be closer to what you want.
> The goal is a small (around 120MB) base distribution with full apt-get
> or synaptic access to the thousands of Debian (or Ubuntu) packages.

Not at all! Sorry, but I don't use the PC for kidding! And I'm not interested 
in other linux systems or even forks like Ubuntu. I gave plenty of linuxes a 
try and debian is what I like most! And as my desktop will continue being 
debian, I'd like the smaller systems being debian too :)

120 Mb is (nearly) the size of standard debian, so if you like to talk about 
smaller linuxes, ipcop may be a guide.

No, without kidding - I know that there are some things, that could be done to 
save space - emdebian has started into the right direction. I think about an 
intermediate system between crush and grip :) ... but that's a story for 
another list.

I thank you all for your attention and comments.

kind regards 

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