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Re: howto reduce size of a debian base system?


> > Is there already a debian way to build a compact base-system by usage of
> > busybox?
> > Or how can I create such a system?
> Do you know about emdebian.org?

Thank you very much for that hint - and No, I didn't know about it yet.

I gave grip a try, but I'm quite disappointed. The system after debootstrap is 
only 20 MB smaller than a standard debootstrap - and busybox wasn't used at 

The goals of crush sound very attractive to me and I feel sorry, that crush is 
only intended for arm and other embedded CPUs.
I would like to build such a tiny system even for i386 or amd64 systems, where 
I can put the base system on a readonly memory stick (so a harddisk is only 
needed for logfiles and other changing data).
For me, there's no reason to need or want a compiler or any other development 
tool on such a system.
Building packages on a different machine, or better said OS-installation (wich 
might be the same machine, booted from a harddisk instead of the stick) is 
what I would like to get (some day ;) )!

I know, memory is becoming cheaper and cheaper, but I don't like to waste 
space and money without need. So I would like to work on crush for commonly 
used PC-cpus.

kind regards


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