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Re: howto reduce size of a debian base system?

On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 04:41:30PM +0100, Geronimo Ma. Hernandez wrote:
> I would like to build such a tiny system even for i386 or amd64 systems, where 
> I can put the base system on a readonly memory stick (so a harddisk is only 
> needed for logfiles and other changing data).

And you are really able to get memory sticks smaller then 2GB?

> For me, there's no reason to need or want a compiler or any other development 
> tool on such a system.

The minimal Debian system have neither installed. Also no compiler is
part of the standard system (defined by the standard priority).

> I know, memory is becoming cheaper and cheaper, but I don't like to waste 
> space and money without need. So I would like to work on crush for commonly 
> used PC-cpus.

Please be realistic. A GNOME desktop system needs about 2GB of disk
space. Squeezing the base size vom 200MB to 100MB does not get you much.


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