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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

Uwe Bugla, le Mon 24 Aug 2009 16:52:48 +0200, a écrit :
> The solution of the problem would have been to immediately have a look whether 
> one of the following packages is part of the netinst image:
> Either:
> a. console-data plus console-common		or even
> b. console-setup

Possibly, yes, but that assumes having the time to do it.

> > > This is just one example of Mr. Perriers behaviour far beyond of good and
> > > bad and this is the reason why I lose temper and thus decide not to
> > > cooperate with him any longer....
> >
> > I fear you won't find many people to work with.  Googling a bit gives me
> > a lot of results where developers have lost patience with you.
> Nothing but superficial verbal crap! Next time please ask me before you intend 
> to use anything like that against me, or I will strictly ignore you for being 
> superficial cause I hate superficial people! Otherwise stay quiet please!


> > What you're forgetting is at least two things:
> >
> > - the developer may have no idea where the problem is, and thus can of
> >   course _not_ take any action but asking for more tests.
> He received two hints from two sides - so forget about that point......
> > - the developer may not have the time to take action _immediately_ and
> >   thus asks for more tests
> In that specific case more tests are completely irrelevant,

Why so? See the very first paragraph of my mail: the difference between
both was precisely the presence of console-setup, so making sure that
things work with one image and not with another while the developer is
away can not hurt, on the contrary.

> >   so that when he gets some time he will have
> >   more clues about the issue.  Acting this way asks for more time from
> >   you, yes, but overall the problem can be fixed sooner, as the
> >   developer can then take much more appropriate action.
> >
> > > I guess there are far better developers than Christian Perrier, not only
> > > as part of the Debian community.
> >
> > When reading your mails they'll probably just refuse to interact with
> > you.
> Their bad luck - not mine! I do prefer real men with butts in their trousers.



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