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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

Am Montag 24 August 2009 02:02:36 schrieb Steve McIntyre:
> Uwe Bugla wrote:
> A totally unnecessary personally abusive email targeted at a valued
> Debian developer. I refuse to dignify the message by quoting any of
> it.
> This kind of abusive message has no place within the Debian community,
> and especially not targeted publically at a well-respected Debian
> developer working on his own time to try and solve a problem. I have
> contacted the Debian listmasters about this mail already.

Do whatever you may wish about my mail. I do not mind for one second.
If I do describe accurately a problem dealing with netinst image, and, as a 
consequence, I am asked to perform a test with a netboot image (which has 
technologically nothing to do with the netinst one - I do not have discless 
workstations and I do not have NICs with boot PROMs), this is a gesture that 
doesn't even intend to solve the problem itself, but instead tries to play it 
down with the proved intention that I give up filing bugs.

This is just one example of Mr. Perriers behaviour far beyond of good and bad 
and this is the reason why I lose temper and thus decide not to cooperate with 
him any longer....

The other part is: This has become a nearly endless thread, and I am not used 
to that kind of rant.
The procedure that I am used to is the following:

a. I as user (administrator) give a precise description of the problem that I 
have. Two or three feedback questions come back in some cases asking me to 
describe the thing more precisely if I am not good enough doing the 
b. But then the time is right to take action as far as the developer's part is 
c. Then I can try the new resultt.
d. And so on.......

But nothing of that "taking real action" happened: Except of endless seeming 
ranting and systematically playing down my descriptions giving me the 
impression that my described bugs ain't no bugs at all I cannot see any 
progress or attempt to really solve the described problems.

Instead of that I am expected to reinstall my workstations (with incompatible 
disk images additionally - just imagine!) and thus throwing away hours of time 
for absolutely nothing. And if I refuse to do that because Mister Perriers 
logic at least to me appears more than strange and adventurous, if not to say 
completely aside, I am of course accused to be non-cooperative - how 

If I just calculate the enormous amount of time I spent on writing the bug 
reports with the one and only effect to face a discussion whether the bug I 
described is or isn't a bug at all then this output is a real poor one.

That's all for today so far.

I guess there are far better developers than Christian Perrier, not only as 
part of the Debian community.
I would prefer to work with them on the described issues.



Happy enlargement of your critical mind!

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