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Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer

Hi everybody,

using the Debian testing installer from 4th August I stumbled over the 
follwing bugs:

1. console-data is missing in the list of necessary dependencies when you 
install the basic system:
The consequence is:
You are trapped if you owe a non-American keyboard with a qwertz layout.
That complicates the installation process enourmously instead of simplifying 

2. At the point where the keyboard is being adjusted to the UTF-8 locale the 
script of the non-graphical installer (expert installation chosen in that 
specific case) hangs up the whole installation process. Only the graphical 
expert installation oversteps that installation step successively.

3. This is quite an old bug, and I really wonder why noone complained 
mentioning this one:

It is impossible to set up a server / router with this installer containing 
more than one NIC, no matter if you chose graphical or non-graphical 

In my personal example eth0 is connected to a highspeed modem. That's why I 
chose automatic DHCP configuration for the first NIC.
Eth1 is configured staticallly by my own choice, that means DHCP with fixed 
addresses for the server and the workstations.

The installer is incapable to handle more than one NIC, which is a mess!
For my personal usage that means that I am forced to completely ignore the 
second NIC during the installation process. When installation is complete I am 
forced to reconfigure the whole network part of my server / router manually, i. 
e. using an ordinary editor.
This state is quite insufficient and thus unacceptable.

If you got further questions or do need further info please ask.
Otherwise please do your best to fix those bugs.

All the other parts of the installer do run fine, and I am very thankful for 
that good work!

An additional menu point to adjust /etc/apt/sources.list to one's own personal 
needs would be very helpful as a part of such an installer.



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