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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

Uwe Bugla, le Mon 24 Aug 2009 14:33:31 +0200, a écrit :
> If I do describe accurately a problem dealing with netinst image, and, as a 
> consequence, I am asked to perform a test with a netboot image (which has 
> technologically nothing to do with the netinst one - I do not have discless 
> workstations and I do not have NICs with boot PROMs), this is a gesture that 
> doesn't even intend to solve the problem itself, but instead tries to play it 
> down with the proved intention that I give up filing bugs.


Asking for checking with another kind of image is just the best way to
check whether the problem is in the common content of them or somewhere
in the difference between them.  So such test is definitely a good thing
to do.

> This is just one example of Mr. Perriers behaviour far beyond of good and bad 
> and this is the reason why I lose temper and thus decide not to cooperate with 
> him any longer....

I fear you won't find many people to work with.  Googling a bit gives me
a lot of results where developers have lost patience with you.

> a. I as user (administrator) give a precise description of the problem that I 
> have. Two or three feedback questions come back in some cases asking me to 
> describe the thing more precisely if I am not good enough doing the 
> description.
> b. But then the time is right to take action as far as the developer's part is 
> concerned.

What you're forgetting is at least two things:

- the developer may have no idea where the problem is, and thus can of
  course _not_ take any action but asking for more tests.
- the developer may not have the time to take action _immediately_ and
  thus asks for more tests so that when he gets some time he will have
  more clues about the issue.  Acting this way asks for more time from
  you, yes, but overall the problem can be fixed sooner, as the
  developer can then take much more appropriate action.

> I guess there are far better developers than Christian Perrier, not only as 
> part of the Debian community.

When reading your mails they'll probably just refuse to interact with


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