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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

Quoting Uwe Bugla (uwe.bugla@gmx.de):

> Hey you two guys (Frans and Christian - who else?)
> Will you please cooperate better - otherwise no problems will be solved here 
> at all. That means: The more experienced (Frans) should not leave the less 
> experienced (Christian) alone. This leads to nothing but chaos.

Frans and I cooperate on D-I since 2004. There is a long history in
D-I and both our positions in the project changed as well as our
respective involvment. It's hard to really understand the whole thing
from outside when one does not know the story of the project.

> I am still ready to test, describe and reproduce problems in a most possible 
> constructive mood, but I am NOT READY to play the role of an idiot testing 
> incomplete dogshit produced by some cynical assholes fucking up the whole 
> thing out of whatever insane egoistic reason, neglecting responsibility!!!!
> That also means: If I do describe a problem arising with netinst I do not want 
> to talk about netboot because I neither use discless workstations, nor do I 
> owe NICS with EPROMS for remote boot.....
> I prefer to talk to experienced people following the path that I accurately 
> describe. I do not want to waste my time to give triple explanations for one 
> and the same problem, goddamn!! One time must be enough, Basta!
> And anything else pins in the ass!
> Did I pronounce clear, or does anybody need further explanation??

To make it clear that you have no respect for people you're talking
to, yes.

Read your words again. You're insulting, rude and arrogant (not to
mention behaving like one of my kids......10 years ago).

You tested software in development which is clearly identified as
software in development (the daily builds of Debian Installer). This
software is developed by individuals who spend part of their spare
time working on it....including their own holidays (my first replies
to you were made during my family holidays).

Yes, we expect our users to make further tests if they can and when
they want. Thankfully, 99% of them are much more collaborative than
you were on that issue. 

And the same 99% do show a positive attitude even when we screw up or
are having hard times figuring out the solution for a specific issue.

In normal time, I would have dropped the issue nearly immediately and
the only reason which made me insist was that you apparently went into
a problem I needed to tackle, because I'm involved in the change of
console handling utilities.

But, please believe me: with the attitude that you shown during that
thread, I think that nobody in the D-I team during the last 6 years
where I worked on it (that one was for the "less experienced" which is
just plain fun to hear)....would have spent more than 5 minutes
reading your mails and moving to somethign else.

That mail is my last one sent to you in that thread.

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