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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> On Sunday 23 August 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Actually, when using a netinst image, console-setup is *not* installed
> > on the target system, which explains why the keymap is not
> > configured. I think that Frans will verey quickly suggest the right
> > explanation
> Isn't that obvious? Fixed in debian-cd.

I guess this is because the "apt-install console-setup" is in
kbd-chooser's post-base-installer, at a moment where APT sources are
not available (or configured).

Maybe we could move the installation of console-setup to a
finish-install script as there is nothing to do but install

However, I'm unsure whether an "apt-install" of a package that's not
on the netinst CD would work at the finish-install step.

BTW; it seems that kbd-config post-base-installer script needs some


. /usr/share/debconf/confmodule

# Silently exit if we're using a serial console
db_get debian-installer/serial-console
if [ "$RET" != false ]; then
        exit 0

apt-install console-setup || true
exit 0 # console-setup will handle the rest of it

.../... some other stuff that's never executed.

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