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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

On Sunday 23 August 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):
> > On Sunday 23 August 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > > Actually, when using a netinst image, console-setup is *not*
> > > installed on the target system, which explains why the keymap is
> > > not configured. I think that Frans will verey quickly suggest the
> > > right explanation
> >
> > Isn't that obvious? Fixed in debian-cd.
> I guess this is because the "apt-install console-setup" is in
> kbd-chooser's post-base-installer, at a moment where APT sources are
> not available (or configured).

No, it was simply because the package was not on the CD at all! And that 
would have been a *very* obvious thing to check, don't you think?

> Maybe we could move the installation of console-setup to a
> finish-install script as there is nothing to do but install
> console-setup.

No. That would still leave users who install from a netinst _without_ 
using a mirror in the cold. Although unusual, that _is_ a valid 
installation option.

The rule is: if a package gets apt-installed, it *must* be included on 
every bootable CD that includes the base system (i.e, all except the 

> BTW; it seems that kbd-config post-base-installer script needs some
> cleaning:

I'd leave it in until there are a lot less problems reported with 

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