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Re: Keymap problems in D-I (was: Re: Bugs in the latest Debian Sid installer)

Am Samstag 22 August 2009 09:04:36 schrieb Christian Perrier:
> Quoting Uwe Bugla (uwe.bugla@gmx.de):
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > using the Debian testing installer from 4th August I stumbled over the
> > follwing bugs:
> >
> > 1. console-data is missing in the list of necessary dependencies when you
> > install the basic system:
> > The consequence is:
> > You are trapped if you owe a non-American keyboard with a qwertz layout.
> > That complicates the installation process enourmously instead of
> > simplifying it.
> Hello Uwe,
> Since you reported this, I hadn't been able to test D-I myself and try
> reproducing this issue.
> Today, I finally could....but couldn't reproduce it. I booted the
> daily built *netboot* image, then did choose French as install
> language and French keymap.
> Apart from a weird prompting during the base system install (the
> system re-prompts for the keymap but properly defaulted to "France"),
> I easily completed the install...and the installed system had a
> working french keymap.
> So, I need to refine your report in order to understand why you
> experienced the problem.
> First of all, could you re-test with a daily built image downloaded
> from http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer. I would recommend
> choosing the businesscard image, or even a netboot image (under "other
> images").
> Then, what keymap did you choose? I guess this was a German
> keymap...can you confirm?


1. at the moment there is no need to resetup any server or workstation for me, 
so retesting would mean an hour lasting procedure including data backup etc.

2. I did not take any businesscard image but instead i took the netinst one 
for Debian Squeeze, including the latest Debian Sid installer. Just to mention 
that for equivalence of test conditions for test reproduction.

3. The keymap I chose was German of course and the choice of the keyboard 
layout implied in console-data was "qwertz". Install language was German of 
course. As far as I am asked for the number of keys of the keyboard I am going 
for 102 (i. e. the conventional default standard).

Once again in short form:
1. No "netboot" image, but debian-netinst-i386 image instead (size: about 150 
2. German as install language, German as keymap with a qwertz layout
3. I do NOT remember any "weird prompting" or something like that. So, apart 
from the fucked up keyboard layout and the fucked up system time causing a 
fucked up superblock on the root partition forcing me to run fsck.ext3 
/dev/hda1 manually everything seemed to be fine so far.

These three points just to make sure that we both are talking about the same 
thing, because while communicating with you I often get the impression that I 
am talking about apples while you are talking about oranges.......
In other words:
Please stop complicating things that I describe quite accurately.
And also please stop playing down critical points that I describe accurately. 
That really sucks.



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