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Bug#542030: installation-reports: Forgets keyboard layout in X11

Quoting Sam Morris (sam@robots.org.uk):
> Package: installation-reports
> Severity: important
> Chose United Keyboard layout in the installer. This choice remains in effect
> during the installation and on the console after installation, but when I
> log into X11 I am stuck with a US keyboard layout.
> This would make it rather difficult for someone with unusual characters
> in their password (such as £ or á) from logging in.
> I think this happens because the xorg.conf that is created by the installer
> is empty.
> This is a regression from previous releases, which put the keyboard
> layout chosen by the installer in xorg.conf.

Sorry, Sam, that your install report got unanswered....

To get deeper into this, we might need a few more details.

What installer image were you using, exactly? Was this a daily built
image downloaded from http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer? If
so, what image was this?

I would strongly recommend using the netboot (not netinst, netboot)
image as of now, or eventually the businesscard image.

Then, what branch of the distribution were you installing? Was this
the default (thus "testing") or was this unstable (that can be done by
passing "mirror/suite=unstable" at the boot prompt, or in expert

If you can, can you redo this install by installing unstable?

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