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Re: test of makefs in kfreebsd d-i

Aurelien Jarno dixit:

>I will have a look at the package and upload it if everything is fine.


>I am a bit concerned by the name though. I understand it comes from the

NetBSD® world, actually. It handles 4.2FFS, UFS2 and ISO 9660 (plus
SUSP, RRIP, El Torito). Support for ext2fs is possible to be added.

But still, renaming an upstream utility………?

The package short description should make that clear, maybe.
We have:
Description: create a file system image from a directory tree
Maybe better would be:
Description: create a cd9660 or ffs file system image from a directory tree

[...] if maybe ext3fs wasn't a better pick, or jfs, or maybe reiserfs, oh but
what about xfs, and if only i had waited until reiser4 was ready... in the be-
ginning, there was ffs, and in the middle, there was ffs, and at the end, there
was still ffs, and the sys admins knew it was good. :)  -- Ted Unangst über *fs

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