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D-I build stats

Hi Joey,

I've been playing with the build stats a bit and realized that the graphs 
with the stats are no longer correct for the full history.

Cause is that there have been changes in the arches listed which have been 
made without noting the warning about that in the script, which means 
arches have shifted columns.
I'm to blame for that myself as early this year I first disabled m68k (11 
Jan; commented out) and later dropped arm (15 Feb).
Early last year (11/12 Jan) you yourself added armel, but possibly you 
fixed the stats file for that?

Anyway, I'd suggest archiving the current stats file and keeping only the 
stats starting from March this year. The following commands should do 
that (the tmp file is in case your cron runs in the middle):

cp build-logs.stats build-logs.stats.sv
sed -nr "/^0[3-9]\/[0-9]+\/2009/ p" build-logs.stats.sv >bl.stats.tmp
mv bl.stats.tmp build-logs.stats

Another option would be of course to repair the stats file, but I doubt 
that's worth the effort.


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