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Daily builds status

Here's an overview of how well/badly our various arches have been building.
It is based on the same data as used in the daily builds overview.

The table starts March this year and shows only _changes_ in build status;
an arch with an X did not build at all from the date on that line until
the date on the next line.
It does not show partial build failures, nor outdated builds.

- s390 has not been built at all since March
- ia64 was failing for over 2 months but is now OK
- alpha has been failing for over a month now
- other arches have had occasional failures, but are mostly OK
- (mips and mipsel are currently both several weeks outdated)

For s390 it looks like a new host for daily builds needs to be found.
Could someone (Luk?) please do that?


date        alpha amd64 armel hppa  i386  ia64  mips  mpsel  ppc  s390  sparc
03/01/2009                      X           X                 X
03/04/2009                      X                             X     X
04/07/2009                                                    X     X
04/14/2009                      X                             X     X
04/15/2009                                                    X     X
04/16/2009                            X                       X     X
04/17/2009    X                 X           X                 X     X     X
04/18/2009    X                                               X     X
04/20/2009                                                          X
04/21/2009                      X                                   X
04/23/2009          X                                               X
04/24/2009                                                    X     X
04/25/2009                                                          X
04/28/2009                                  X                       X
05/01/2009                                                          X
05/08/2009                      X                                   X
05/10/2009                                                          X
05/18/2009                            X                             X
05/19/2009          X                 X     X                       X
05/20/2009    X     X                 X     X                 X     X
05/22/2009                            X     X                 X     X
05/26/2009                                  X                 X     X
05/31/2009                                  X                       X
06/04/2009                      X           X                       X
06/09/2009                      X                                   X
06/11/2009                                                          X
06/12/2009                                  X                       X
06/13/2009                                  X           X     X     X
06/15/2009                                  X           X           X
06/16/2009                                  X           X           X     X
06/17/2009    X                 X           X           X           X     X
06/19/2009    X                             X           X           X     X
06/25/2009    X                 X           X           X           X     X
06/26/2009    X                             X           X           X     X
06/28/2009    X                             X           X           X
07/02/2009    X                             X                       X
07/03/2009    X                             X                       X     X
07/04/2009    X                             X                       X
07/20/2009    X                             X                       X     X
07/21/2009    X     X                       X                       X
07/22/2009    X     X                                               X
07/23/2009    X     X                                               X

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