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Re: "Unneeded" packages being installed

On Wednesday 20 May 2009, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:
> Frans Pop schrieb:
> >> Sorry if this "issue" was already discussed and if this is not a
> >> problem, but when installing a basic Debian system (only the
> >> minimal system, without selecting anything when tasksel appears), I
> >> see that some packages are installed but don't see to be needed. For
> >> example (Lenny install):
> >>   libsasl2-2
> >>   libgnutls26
> [..]
> > I also don't see why deborphan should report them. mutt depends on
> > the first and exim4-daemon-light on the second. Both are packages
> > that should be installed by default.
> Are you sure exim4-daemon-light and mutt are being installed when
> selecting no task at all?  I thought they only came when at least
> "standard system" is selected (which doesn't seem to be the case here).

That does not change the fact that the libs are installed in their own 
right by debootstrap because of their priority.
If their priority is incorrect, then that's something for the FTP masters. 
But I did not check the full reverse dependency list, I just picked out a 
few programs I recognized.

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