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Re: Request for help - cleaning spam from the debian-boot mailing list archive

Hallo! Du (Christian Perrier) hast geschrieben:

> A few enhancements I would propose to listmasters (or anyone behind
> the review tool):
> - have a display mode for the list archives where messages already
> "nominated" would be shown in a different way (maybe sorting messages
> by number of spam nominations?). That would help those people who
> review archives after 1 or 2 people already did it to spot possible
> spam more easily

Although i don't understand fully your suggestion i fear that this
would lead to less quality in the review, because Reviewers would rely
on other Reviewers.

> - allow reviewing more than 10 nominated posts at a time. This is
> probably what slows me down the most when reviewing. For the record,
> this morning, I spent about 40 minutes reviewing 550 nominated posts.

I chose 10 because i think thats a value that doesn't drive away
'part-time' reviewers. But I think about providing pages with more.

> - allow coming back on messages one once rated as "Unsure"

Once a week (Sunday 6:00 GMT) a job runs which picks up all ratings
and remove the articles and things. After that articles rated as
'Unsure' will be displayed again. 

        Cord, Debian Listmaster of the day

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