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Request for help - cleaning spam from the debian-boot mailing list archive

Hi all,

Yes, I do mean all: D-I team, D-I users, lurkers, everybody!

Now that the listmasters have created a working toolset to actually remove 
spam from the mailing list archives [1], it seems like a good idea to 
make a coordinated effort to clean spam from the list archives.

The removal of spam gets done in three stages:
1) a spam message needs to be reported by multiple people (using the
   "Report as spam" button displayed at the top of each message)
2) this then needs to be reviewed by multiple DDs (using the new tools)
3) the actual removal

The call for help here is mainly for 1) and is something everybody can 
help with. To make sure not too many people work on the same messages, 
I've created a wiki page to coordinate this step:

The idea is that you add your name/nick/initials when you start the review 
of a months. 3 or 4 people for each month should be enough. Please do 
review the complete month when you add your name!

But we'll also need a few DDs doing 2) on a regular basis.

I myself have today done 1) for the months Jan-Apr of 2009 and 2) for all 
open reports. I intend to continue working on this for the next few 
This also showed that the three-step procedure is very much needed: even 
with the safeguards there were surprisingly many messages reported as 
spam that were valid messages.

I'm looking forward to a cleaner archive! If we share the workload a bit, 
that should be possible.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2009/04/msg00012.html
    (item: RFH: Removing spam from the listarchive)

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