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Re: Request for help - cleaning spam from the debian-boot mailing list archive

(cleaning spam in debian-boot: see

Quoting Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl):

> have been done. This has already resulted in 676 spams being removed from 
> the archive and for this week another 650 posts are waiting for review.

Done this morning. No ham found, only Spam.

I found out that I inadvertently left a few posts rated as "Unsure"
which i apparently not really easy to come back on once you've clicked
"Send and Continue". That happens because my fast "Click, Page Down"
repetitions on the page sometimes fails (the click does not change the
button status to "Spam". So, my reviews for this week probably have a
few (less than 10) posts erroneously rated as "Unsure" while
everything was spam, unboubtfully.

> We now have a solid team working on this and if we keep this up it looks 
> that in 4 or 5 weeks we can have d-boot virtually clean of spam for 2006 
> and later.

I wish we would have as many people working on patches to D-I..:-)

A few enhancements I would propose to listmasters (or anyone behind
the review tool):

- have a display mode for the list archives where messages already
"nominated" would be shown in a different way (maybe sorting messages
by number of spam nominations?). That would help those people who
review archives after 1 or 2 people already did it to spot possible
spam more easily

- allow reviewing more than 10 nominated posts at a time. This is
probably what slows me down the most when reviewing. For the record,
this morning, I spent about 40 minutes reviewing 550 nominated posts.

- allow coming back on messages one once rated as "Unsure"

Finally, once we've done 2006-2009, I think we should post something
in http://wiki.debian.org/DeveloperNews. I don't know whether other
people are doing such reviews but the method you (Frans) proposed and
which we nos use could indeed bring emulation in other lists.

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