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Re: D-I not using grub (was: lilo about to be dropped?)

Hi Frans!

* Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> [2009-04-07 21:37]:

> On Tuesday 07 April 2009, Martin Wuertele wrote:
> > Data from /var/log/installer is available at
> > http://asteria.debian.or.at/~maxx/.var_log_installer.tar.gz
> The syslog shows:
> Mar  6 17:19:36 grub-installer: /boot is a lvm volume 
> (/dev/mapper/kronos0-root), cannot install grub
> Which is confirmed by the hardware summary, which does not show a 
> separate /boot partition.

If I use expert mode and create md0 for /boot there, does that
show up in the summary?

I remember that for whatever reason I did so...

yours Martin

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