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Re: D-I not using grub (was: lilo about to be dropped?)

On Wednesday 08 April 2009, Martin Wuertele wrote:
> * Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> [2009-04-07 21:37]:
> > The syslog shows:
> > Mar  6 17:19:36 grub-installer: /boot is a lvm volume
> > (/dev/mapper/kronos0-root), cannot install grub
> >
> > Which is confirmed by the hardware summary, which does not show a
> > separate /boot partition.
> If I use expert mode and create md0 for /boot there, does that
> show up in the summary?

That is unrelated to expert mode (partitioning is virtually identical for 
a default install and expert mode), but a separate /boot partition would 
definitely show up no matter what device it's on.

> I remember that for whatever reason I did so...

I think you may have been a victim of #391479.
That BR means that if you assigned md0 for /boot before e.g. configuring 
LVM for md1, that assignment would be lost and you'd have to assign it 
again. A careful check of the partition overview before choosing the
"finish partitioning" option is always highly recommended.

So you may well have created md0, but /boot never got mounted on it and 
thus ended up in the LV with /, which resulted in lilo being used.

That particular bug was fixed in partman-md (42) though, uploaded in 
August 2008, so well before the release of Lenny.


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