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Bug#522928: debian-installer: partman/early_command in manual, but not present in the installer

On Tuesday 07 April 2009, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> partman/early_command doesn't work as described in the manual.  The
> command is never executed (no log entry for even trying), and when I
> 'grep'ed for partman/early_command on the install media there were no
> hits.  It looks like it is missing.

1) Where exactly did you find this in the manual?
2) This is a feature that has been added only very recently. So it will
   definitely not work for Lenny images, and if the package(s) that
   contain the change have not yet been uploaded (which is quite
   possible), then it is correct that it does not (yet) work for daily
   images either.


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