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Re: lilo about to be dropped?

Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:

> On Monday 06 April 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:


>> > I do not have time to manage the removal at this point, but it will
>> > be gone by June.
> Has the package already been offered for adoption? Preferably with an 
> overview of its current (upstream) status and main issues. I'd say that 
> if there's anybody willing to (actively) maintain it, it should not be 
> removed.

Fully agree; it should be properly offered for adoption.

>> This is a heads up mail for the D-I team.
> I'm not sure where the original mail comes from, but IMO this should be 
> discussed on d-devel, especially since it impacts more than just D-I. I 
> suspect there are quite a few packages that make some sort of provisions 
> for lilo.
> There are also significant numbers of people still using lilo for, at 
> least for them, very good reasons.
> Anyone remember the fairly big upset when lilo was removed from testing 
> around D-I Lenny Beta2?

I also share the feeling that a lot of people still uses LILO; if
possible I do belive it should be kept.


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