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Re: Complete draft of the March 16th and 30th meetings minutes

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Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> writes:


> This is not about "preferring my way", but about properly discussing 
> changes with the current de facto maintainer and official RM instead of 
> blundering blindly about and making random changes without any proven 
> benefit and without having any idea of their impact.

Hey, let's make one thing clear OK; You're de facto the maintainer and
the RM of the installer manual and I fully agree with that but please
realise that the manual is part of Debian Installer project.

>> ==========================================
>> Frans, may I suggest that, time and agenda permitting, you attend the
>> D-I team meetings, even silently, so that you can react to such
>> proposals when they are done during the meetings. That would probably
>> save us such grumpy exchange (or at least keep it to IRC...).
> Why???
> IMO when someone who is currently doing the vast majority work on 
> something is not present during a meeting it is up to the people who 
> _are_ present and especially the person who wants to make changes to 
> contact that someone. Not the other way around.
> In a perfect world the meeting log would have shown something like:
>   otavio: OK. Frans is not here, so if there are no objections to that
>   idea now I'll discuss the idea with him
> or:
>   <someone>: Shouldn't this be discussed with Frans? After all, he is
>   the current RM for the manual and has been doing most of the work on
>   it for the past 5 years.

Even it not being cited on the meeting, I wasn't going to blindly upload
it. I usually coordiante those things with the responsable people, as I
do for other parts of d-i too (e.g: mklibs, cdebconf and like).

> Attending meetings, or even reading their logs, is not required nor should 
> it be (and neither is presence on IRC). (And I think that ATM it's a lot 
> better for those meetings if I don't attend them.)

I disagree on that.

> There is quite a bit more to doing a release for the manual than just 
> building and uploading it (after all, why should the manual be any 
> different from the rest of D-I?).

That is really the point.

Being the D-I RM, I think I can consider changing something if I believe
it can benefit the project as a whole, right?

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