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Re: Complete draft of the March 16th and 30th meetings minutes

In general followup to this and mostly because I think we don't need a
flamewar here, I've amended the meeting report to:

A proposal was made to upload the installation guide more often, which
Otavio volunteered for. However, post-meeting, Frans Pop indicated
that he's not comfortable with that approach that doesn't fit his work
method. As Frans is doing a great job maintaining the installation
guide, his way to organize the work should be preferred and we drop
the initial idea of very frequent uploads of the IG.

Frans, may I suggest that, time and agenda permitting, you attend the
D-I team meetings, even silently, so that you can react to such
proposals when they are done during the meetings. That would probably
save us such grumpy exchange (or at least keep it to IRC...).

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