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Re: D-I in Release Notes update


[I already reported this to debacle, I have no info if there was a reaction already.
Then I read the mail on debian-boot, that Christian found an error in the release 

On Tue, 20 Jan 2009 18:56:55 +0100 Christian Perrier wrote:
> A paragraph is very unclear:
> I'm afraid this just means nothing...:-(
> So, I'll need to rewrite it.

I found some more:

# type: Content of: <chapter><section><para>
#: en/installing.dbk:34
msgid ""
"There has been a lot of development on the Debian Installer since its first "
"official release with &oldreleasename; resulting in both improved hardware "
"support and some exciting new features."
msgstr ""
"Es wurde am Debian-Installer viel entwickelt seit seinem ersten offiziellen "
"Erscheinen mit &oldreleasename;, was zu verbesserter Hardware-Unterstützung, "
"sowie einigen neuen Funktionen führt."

	This comes to:
	... since its first official release with Etch resulting ...

	but this is not correct, the Debian Installer came up with Sarge the
	first time. Write "Sarge" without any entity?

	What is this chapter about? Development since Etch, right? 
	So change to:

	"There has been a lot of development on the Debian Installer since the
	release of &oldreleasename; resulting in ... "

# type: Content of: <chapter><section><section><variablelist><varlistentry><listitem><para>
#: en/installing.dbk:78
msgid ""
"When used with a functional network access, the installer will upgrade all "
"packages that were updated since the initial release of &releasename;. This "
"upgrade happens during the installation step, before the installed system is "

	dot is missing at the end.




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