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Bug#489778: Experienced this also

I have also experienced this.

I have a Supermicro system running on an X5DL8-GG motherboard with the 2010S Zero Channel RAID card. The RAID is successfully built in the ZCR card's own BIOS and reports as 'Optimal.'

I have installed successfully installed and re-installed a clean Etch on this system multiple times over the last couple weeks (Re-installed because I changed my mind about putting everything in one partition, later decided that the /usr partition was too small, vacillated back and forth between Etch and Lenny, typical things like that.)

When everyting is installed on one partition, I have not seen the error.
When installed on multiple partitions, I either do or do not.
Today, I used the default multiple partition choice (/usr /var /home ) and did receive the error.

Yesterday, I created partitions manually /boot / /usr /tmp /var /home /data and did not. Today, I created what I thought were the same partitions, but gave /usr an extra GB and did.

These last two cases are the most interesting, and makes me wonder if there may be something related to the choice of Primary vs. Logical partitions.

The only evidence I have been able to gather so far is that when the error occurs and I boot from the Etch install CD in rescue mode, an fdisk will report that 'Entries in the partition table are out of order' and that if I boot into a live DSL or Knoppix CD I will see that there is not a /dev/sda but rather a /dev/i2o/sda

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