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Bug#511180: partman? failure to see ext3 fs on partitioned raid 1 array

"Leif W" <warp-9.9@usa.net> writes:

> Currently, mdadm, fdisk and cfdisk, ext2fs utils, and mount utils
> fully handle partitionable/partitioned raid arrays.  I can handle
> this all with manual commands.  But the install scripts do not allow
> any intervention or injection of manual commands in the partition
> process.

Why can't you start a shell and create the partitions, then restart
partman and continue the installation?

In the end you may also have problems booting the installed system.
Last time I checked (half a year ago, perhaps) the mdadm initramfs
integration could not handle partitionable arrays or version 1
superblocks.  Of course things may have changed since then.  Or I may
not remember correctly (my specific reason was different).

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