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Re: too few kernel arguments for preseeding

On Saturday 10 January 2009, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Just trying to get an idea of the general feeling towards something
> that bugs me right now: the maximum number of kernel arguments (32) is
> just a tad too small for preseeding a full install (about 40 would be
> enough).  This form of preseeding may not seem too important at first,
> but this is the only one which does not need an external server nor
> requires modification to the installation media (unless I overlooked
> something).  It is especially comfortable for preseeding virtual
> machine installations.
> Is raising CONFIG_INIT_ENV_ARG_LIMIT out of question?  Or coalescing
> the arguments somehow?

That really is the wrong way to approach preseeding. I do not see a valid 
use-case for it.

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