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Bug#511180: partman? failure to see ext3 fs on partitioned raid 1 array

Not sure if I got the right package that causes this problem, hence the
partman? question in subject.

I have just seen this bug #307470 for partitioner.  It seems similar in
configuration and symptom to what I currently experience, and may be related
or duplicate issue.

However this old bug is from 2005-05, nearly 4 years old.  The only response
then was it's impossible to partition a RAID array, which is certainly NOT
true today and may not have been true then either.

Currently, mdadm, fdisk and cfdisk, ext2fs utils, and mount utils fully handle
partitionable/partitioned raid arrays.  I can handle this all with manual
commands.  But the install scripts do not allow any intervention or injection
of manual commands in the partition process.

Bug: 307470
Subject: Failed to setup RAID with netinstaller
URL: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=307470


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