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Bug#510304: debian-installer: Badly translated spanish string

Quoting Noel David Torres Taño (envite@rolamasao.org):
> On Saturday 03 January 2009 00:30:29 Fernando Cerezal wrote:
> > He is right, it would be better "Detectando los discos y todos los
> > demás dispositivos". However, the phrase is correct in content and
> > form.
> That's even a better translation than my own. I think I've read too many documentation in spanglish...

The proposal seems to replace "hardware" by "dispositivos"...

That could bring an overall consistency situation in D-I Spanish
translations (as well as other Spanish translations).

When it comes at French translations we always avoid such jargon/mix
of English and French words, however without falling in the trap
cionsisting of replacing every word by an equivalent. That's always a
balance to make between horrible jargon and unintelligible

In the case of "hardware", the balance for French clearly favors the
translation. We have a good word for this ("matériel") which everybody

From quite far, I would favor the replacement but I think that the
decision has to be taken by regular translators.


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