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Re: Release timeline?

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> > Having this happening before the upcoming week-end would be good
>> > though the time frame does not make it easy (many ppl wandering around
>> > for Christian Christmas holidays), so that tests can happen during the
>> > week-end (this is what we did for RC1).
>> Yes. I'll be traveling too.
> .../...
> which basically means that we have no chance to release before
> January, right?
> Could it be possible that we at least get some images and then use the
> timeframe up to Jan 4th or so to do extensive testing (for those who
> have some time during that period)? And then release as early as
> possible in January?

I think it is possible. Since we got a new kernel in the meanwhile, my
plan is to try to get the installer updated against it and once we all
are back from holidays, we really start the release and image building.

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