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Re: Release timeline?

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

> So, now, we're officially listed as the lenny release blockers..:-)
> From what I've collected, all missing bits for D-I RC2 to happen have
> been achieved and we just need to put our own set of puzzle pieces
> together.
> Otavio, do you have a release timeline?
> I guess that now, someone needs to build d-i, ask for the remaining
> udebs to enter testing (rootskel, rescue, cdebconf...), have the RC2
> images built and do some testing.

The steps are right but in wrong order. modules need to be in lenny
before we upload the installer. I'll prepare a list of modules today
and upload it as soon as they are in.

Our main blocker was missing architectures and cairo that is in now.

> Having this happening before the upcoming week-end would be good
> though the time frame does not make it easy (many ppl wandering around
> for Christian Christmas holidays), so that tests can happen during the
> week-end (this is what we did for RC1).

Yes. I'll be traveling too.

> Please note that I'll be personnally unavailable from Dec 27th to Jan
> 2nd though my own contribution in that work can be mostly testing and
> that's "all".

I'll be unavailable from Dec 20th to Jan 3nd. We'll be doing a family
travel this time.

> When D-I RC2 is released, I personnaly plan to focus on install
> reports so that we have a well-documented errata file (I suspect we
> might discover new errata entries) and maybe document some issues in
> the general release notes.
> We also probably need to contribute something for the upcoming lenny
> release announcement in order to give some focus on the Lenny
> installer new features when compared to the etch installer.

Fully agree.

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