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Release timeline?

(Luk in d-d-a)

>The missing bits

>Currently, the only extra piece we need to declare the Lenny puzzle
>ready is a final version of the installer. The -boot people are about to
>deliver a second release candidate, which will be final unless something
>critical pops up.

So, now, we're officially listed as the lenny release blockers..:-)

From what I've collected, all missing bits for D-I RC2 to happen have
been achieved and we just need to put our own set of puzzle pieces

Otavio, do you have a release timeline?

I guess that now, someone needs to build d-i, ask for the remaining
udebs to enter testing (rootskel, rescue, cdebconf...), have the RC2
images built and do some testing.

Having this happening before the upcoming week-end would be good
though the time frame does not make it easy (many ppl wandering around
for Christian Christmas holidays), so that tests can happen during the
week-end (this is what we did for RC1).

Please note that I'll be personnally unavailable from Dec 27th to Jan
2nd though my own contribution in that work can be mostly testing and
that's "all".

When D-I RC2 is released, I personnaly plan to focus on install
reports so that we have a well-documented errata file (I suspect we
might discover new errata entries) and maybe document some issues in
the general release notes.

We also probably need to contribute something for the upcoming lenny
release announcement in order to give some focus on the Lenny
installer new features when compared to the etch installer.


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